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“Don Spector’s incredible insight comes from his understanding of how things in our world fit together, how to improve them, and then capturing the ideas that capture the imagination. His application of this skill set to the human condition makes for an exciting personal opportunity for each of us who reads this book.”
— Michael Balboni
Former New York State Senator
Member of the National Advisory Team
for National Homeland Security, Obama Administration
"Don Spector's life style has been very impressive and supportive for me. His spirit is to enjoy everything, the best time of his life is
always now."
— Jitsuro Terashima
Executive Managing Officer;
President, Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute
Mitsui & Company
“Don Spector’s The SELF, Improved will be an inspiration to any student of self improvement and personal growth. Don Spector was (and still is) a friend and mentor to me in the 90’s, during a personal career low. His guidance and tutelage helped me not only reinvent myself and get me back on course, but showed me that there is a better and easier way to get where I need to go. The SELF, Improved will do for you what it has already done for me...attain greater success and reach loftier heights.”
— Dee Snider
Radio and television personality,
actor, writer, producer, announcer
and lead singer of Twisted Sister
"My teaching is similar to the molecular model. I look at the big picture and take one small step at a time to help each individual reach
their goal."
— Nick Bollettieri
Founder of the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy (NBTA)
Former coach to Andre Agassi, Boris Becker,
Martina Hingis, Venus and Serena Williams
“Don Spector recognizes the best in everyone, even in a child like I was when I met him. He helped me believe in myself , taught me how to cultivate my strengths, encouraged me to pursue what made me happy and how reach my goals. I am forever grateful for the opportunities he has given me. While everyone does not have the chance to be personally mentored by Don, this book, The SELF, Improved is the next best thing. The book captures his personality and the lessons in life that he taught me over the years which I still use every day.”
— Mary Rodas
Youngest member admitted to
the Hispanic American Hall of Fame
“If I lived in the year 1910, I would have been friends with Albert Einstein. I, as an artist, had the honor of painting an Albert Einstein portrait for the Einstein estate. Don Spector is the Einstein of today. Don is creative to just simply a genius. But also Einstein wasn't a business person, Don is. Don has his right and left brain going. I am sure this book will become a bible to many.”
— Steve Kaufman
Internationally acclaimed pop artist and
Former assistant in Andy Warhol’s Factory
“Our friendship means a great deal to me. Your work ethics and your beliefs have helped so many people. I know this book will change
many lives.”
— Jerry Vale
Legendary Pop Music Singer and